Movers & Thinkers #5: How Professional Investigators Get The Facts


When there’s trouble, these people are called to figure it out. They are investigators, tasked with tracking down what’s causing a problem, who knows about it and how to fix it. Featuring Hal Humphreys, Anita Wadhwani and Marion Kainer.

Guest Bios:

Hal Humphreys is the founder and lead investigator of [FIND] Investigations, a P.I. agency in Nashville. He works directly with attorneys and criminal defense teams, helping them find and tell compelling stories at trial. This includes reviewing evidence and identifying, locating and interviewing potential witnesses. At trial, Hal serves as librarian, scribe, script supervisor, acting coach and cheerleader. He has worked on high-profile cases, including capital murder and sexual assault cases. In addition to being a licensed private investigator, he is a certified real estate appraiser and fraud examiner.

Anita Wadhwani is a reporter on The Tennessean’s three-member investigative team. In recent years, she has reported on the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities receiving public services, crooked state contractors who paid themselves lavish bonuses instead of providing meals to low-income children, and childcare centers that have received millions in public subsidies despite repeatedly violating safety rules. Since Anita joined the newspaper in 2001, she has received awards from the Associated Press and the South Asian Journalists Association, among others.

Marion Kainer is an infectious diseases physician and epidemiologist at the Tennessee Department of Health. She works to reduce infections and prevent the spread of resistant bacteria. Originally from Australia, she became a “disease detective” at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2000. During Tennessee’s fungal meningitis outbreak in 2012, Marion’s team helped identify the unusual infection and monitor it nationwide. Their efforts led

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