Neighbors: Matt Got Shot, Part 3 or The Fabric We’re All In

Photo Credit: Eric England
In the final chapter of the Neighbors mini-series “Matt Got Shot,” we visit Jodi Hays, the woman whose security camera captured the footage of Matt’s terrifying assault. Jodi is an abstract artist—captivated by the image of the moment Matt was shot in front of her house, she made several works out of it. Then she showed it to Matt. What happens when trauma is re-interpreted and shared in a broader context?

Credits and Notes:

The show is edited by Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh and Anita Bugg with special help from Tony Gonzalez and production assistance from Caleb Shiver. Music in this episode by Podington Bear and Matt Lovell.

Jodi Hays website

Photos of Jodi’s Art:

The original ink wash from the security footage of Matt being shot. Photo credit: Eric England
“Evening”—Originally the left of the triptych Photo Credit: David King
“Vista (BE)”—Originally the center of the triptych Photo Credit: David King
Originally the right of the triptych Photo Credit: David King

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