Versify #10: Learning To Fight

In creating Versify, we’ve realized the power of listening to people’s stories and sharing them as poetry. To close out our first season, we’re gonna take you through some of the first poems and conversations that inspired us to make this show. And you’ll journey with us as we explore what it truly means — for our participants and our poets — to feel heard.

Credits: Versify is a production of Nashville Public Radio and The Porch writers’ collective, which trains our poets and hosts our storytelling events. Editing and production today came from WPLN’s Tony Gonzalez, Emily Siner, Anita Bugg, and Joshua Moore along with The Porch’s Susannah Felts.
The music is by Jahazzar — found through the Free Music Archive.
The show is distributed by P-R-X.

Here’s the poem, Learning To Fight, performed onstage in Boston by Joshua Moore:

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