Versify #14: Insider’s Guide To Prayer

Photo courtesy of Mark Lemley
When Mark Lemley was 17, he lived through a near-death experience that fundamentally altered his outlook on life: a car accident that has haunted him for 24 years, and he wasn’t even the one in the car. In this episode hear the story of Mark’s relationship with his childhood best friend Ryan — and how Ryan’s brush with death forced Mark to reevaluate his beliefs. Mark tells his story to poet Megan Leanne, who takes his complicated history and turns it into poetry.

Versify is a production of Nashville Public Radio and The Porch — Nashville’s nonprofit literary center. Editing and production came from WPLN’s Blake Farmer, with additional editing by Anita Bugg and Susannah Felts. The episode was hosted, scripted and co-produced by Joshua Moore.

The music is by Podington Bear, found through the Free Music Archive.

Versify is distributed by PRX.

Today’s story and poem were recorded by Tasha Lemley at The 2017 Southern Festival of Books.

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