Versify #20: Mercy At The Ryman

Photo credit: Hunter Armistead
For singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier, coming to country music in her 40s was one of many things that made her feel like an industry outsider. Today, Mary speaks with poet Destiny Birdsong about her unconventional entry into the music business, and how an unforgettable performance at the Ryman redefined Mary’s relationship to her music — and to herself. Destiny takes the high notes of their conversation and composes an original poem.

Versify is a production of Nashville Public Radio and The Porch, Nashville’s nonprofit literary center. Editing and production came from WPLN’s Blake Farmer, with additional editing by Anita Bugg and Susannah Felts. The episode was hosted, scripted, and produced by Joshua Moore. Today’s story and poem were recorded by Tony Gonzalez at The Porch Writers’ Collective 2017 Annual fundraiser.

The music is by Mary Gauthier, as well as Josh Woodard, Podington Bear and Jahzzar— found through the Free Music Archive. Versify is distributed by PRX.

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