Versify #34: Little Boxes All The Same

Versify #34: Little Boxes All The Same

Demetria Kalodimos is something of a Nashville institution, anchoring the Channel 4 news desk since she first arrived in Music City in 1984. But 30-plus years into her career, Demetria was unprepared to have her decades of dedicated news coverage cut short. Demetria speaks with poet Lagnajita Mukhopadhaya about her enduring commitment to the power of journalistic storytelling, how she coped with closing the book on more than three decades as a news reporter, and how revisiting family narratives is helping Demetria to write her next chapter. Then Lagnajita takes the weave of Demetria’s personal and professional histories and turns them into poetry.

Versify is a production of Nashville Public Radio and The Porch — Nashville’s nonprofit literary center.

Editing for this episode came from WPLN’s Mack Linebaugh with additional editing by Anita Bugg. The episode was written, hosted and produced by Joshua Moore. Today’s story and poem were recorded by Tasha Lemley at WPLN in March 2018.

The music is by Blue Dot Sessions.

The show is distributed by PRX.

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